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Sail of the Century

by Ian Lloyd Neubauer
When the U.S. stole victory from New Zealand at the America's Cup in San Francisco Bay in September after bouncing back from an 8-1 disadvantage, it rekindled interest in the prestigious sailing series that hadn't been seen in decades. It also sparked interest in people wanting to sail America's Cup Class AC72-class hydrofoiling catamaran - multimillion-dollar engineering marvels that levitate above the water on wing-like foils. Such is their ferociousness on the water that crew are required to wear an array of safety gear. They're also required to undertake months of arduous training, have years of sailing experience and be pretty good swimmers in case they end up in the drink.

Our Story

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We are passionate about meaningful, uncommon, out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences. In 2008, we began to ask our friends and colleagues to share their travel stories with us, and with those first stories launched the editorial site. Since then, we've featured stories on micro-enterprise in East Africa; hiking the Camino de Santiago; climbing in the Dolomites; a Greek wedding in Venice; volunteering in Haiti; urban walks in Hong Kong and London; hiking in the Charente-Maritime; Northern Ireland; the waterways of Myanmar; an Indo-Fijian wedding and more.

On Location in Lucca

In fall 2014, Beyond Doorways Travel will be based in Lucca, Italy. This gem of an Italian city is surrounded by massive Renaissance walls and boasts a lively pedestrian center. We'll be sharing stories from Italy beginning in September. A presto!


Go West Young Man: A Journey on New Zealand's TranzAlpine Railway

Tranz AlpinePreviewFinal
by Nicholas Walton
My breath fogs up the window and I have to bunch up my sleeve to wipe away the condensation that's building the higher we climb, but the view is well worth the effort. Outside is a winter wonderland, a landscape of steep mountain sides, their peaks lost in low clouds, their flanks pasted with thick icing sugar snow that lies in clumps beside the railway line. I feel as if we're at the top of the world as the train chugs and shrugs its way up the incline, climbing ever higher into the snowy mountains, children of all ages up and down the carriage staring out fogged up windows, noses pressed against the glass, eyes wide.

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