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Stories from our Travelers

911 Memorial

February 1993.

I was at home in lower Manhattan with my first child - just a few months old - when the local news station interrupted regular programming to report that an attempted bombing had taken place in the basement parking garage of one of the twin towers. We couldn't have imagined then that this event would foreshadow a much more devastating event 8 years later. And now, 10 years beyond September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Memorial has opened to visitors wishing to remember.

The Memorial is austere. Two pools occupy the footprints of the original towers. Cold, clear water flows down the pools' marble walls into a small pool at each center; the water disappears into these black holes, seemingly back to the earth, only to be recycled to the top to begin the process again. The names of all those who died here (both in 1993 and 2001) - and at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania - are inscribed into the marble around the perimeters of the two pools. - mgc

The Freedom Tower (pictured at left), upon completion is expected to be the tallest building in the Northern Hemisphere (by pinnacle height) and the 3rd-tallest building in the world. The spire will reach 1,776 feet, a symbol of the year of American indepedence.

Entrance to the Memorial is free, but for now visits are timed. For information, go to
9/11 Memorial.

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