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Melissa Gozigian Cicci

Melissa is founder and travel specialist, currently based in Rome. She has traveled extensively in Italy and throughout Europe and Latin America, and is a veteran travel specialist and tour director for private groups, university alumni associations and cultural societies. Melissa earned a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University. She spent several years in the field of international trade policy and negotiation for the apparel trade, working closely with exporters in South America, Asia and Europe, and with major U.S. importers. When she's not on the road, Melissa is either planning the next trip, reading, or streaming her favorite shows (lately in Italian).

Larry Cicci

Larry spent over 40 years in the fashion industry as a merchandiser and designer, first in menswear and later in dance apparel and costumes. He has traveled to nearly every continent, and has logged millions of miles circumnavigating the globe. During his mens' fashion days, he spent months each year in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy and Scotland, and is passionate about art from around the globe. He's flown all the major international airlines and spent countless days and nights in airport lounges, hotels and drafty Scottish castles.


Nicholas Walton

Nick is an experienced travel journalist and regular contributor to Beyond Doorways Travel, who has run travel and lifestyle magazines in Asia, New Zealand and Australia for over ten years, including a two-year stint as Travel Editor for the South China Morning Post. He loves to travel throughout Asia and beyond, but also loves coming back to his adopted home of Hong Kong. Nick touches town in Bhutan in "Himalayan Harmony."

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