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Adventures of the Blue Bike

At home on Via del Giardino Botanico
Beyond Doorways Travel (aka Melissa Cicci) was based in Lucca, Italy in fall 2015. As I’ve shared with both friends and readers of the web site, many Lucchese get around the city by bicycle. The accommodating landlord at the apartment we’ve rented has loaned us a nice bicycle for the duration, but we needed more than one. Upon her recommendation, we visited the bike shop around the corner and I bought my own blue cruiser with basket. As the friendly bike shop owner told me, blue is il colore dell’ anno (the color of the year!) My friend (and passionate traveler), Elizabeth Bradley, suggested I photograph the bike all over the city. And the idea for this blog came to mind. What better way to chronicle my time in Tuscany this fall than through le avventure della bici azzurra (the adventures of the blue bike).


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